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Assertive and empowered Toya J born in New York City during the midst of a traumatic experience. She is extremely confident and unafraid to say what most women are probably thinking but scared to vocalize because of the fear of being judged. Toya J’s BOLD personality and sensuality allowed her to write and publish two books of Erotic Poetry: Bold Her Liberation, and Tease and an inspirational journal. Toya J gives women and their lovers permission to explore their deep intimate self.  Toya J will make you uncomfortable until you are comfortable.


Bold: Her Liberation

When tragedy struck she was not prepared for the sudden life transformation that she encountered. Seduced by pain Toya, quickly became socially isolated, she fell into a ravine of depression. Toya panicked when the shocking truth about the reality of her situation collided with her imagination. She sought refuge by unlocking the secrets buried within the confines of her naked body. She reacquainted herself with her spiritual fate, capitalized on her inner strength, and embraced her freedom. Toya spilled her inner lust, fed her voracious palate with
thought-provoking poetry. Toya artistically captured and bottled her raw emotions in this flirtatious collection of poetry infused with photography. After reading this book women will appreciate the importance of understanding their authentic self, and having self- love, Men will thank Toya later.

Brace yourselves and unleash your BOLD!



Forget about societal expectations of a woman for a moment where “women should be submissive, if they have an opinion they are angry, women who embrace their sexuality, can be viewed as “fast or immoral”, depending on your culture women should not have an opinion about sex, and there is that requirement of being a virgin but should still have experience.
Women should have the right curves, but not too curvy maybe skinny. Women should act, talk and look a certain way that is often informed by one’s culture, what was heard and seen. It is impossible and unrealistic to live up to the expectations of society. The pressure created for women in today’s society can be so daunting and overwhelming. Unfortunately, or maybe not in this gripping book of poetry Toya did not sugar coat her feelings in order to fit into that invisible box that society created for women. Toya defied all odds when she rose like the mythical phoenix bird from her depression and physical pain. Even her very close encounter with mortality in 1996 did not prepare Toya for the dramatic sequence of events that she experienced after her injury on February 22, 2017.

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