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Toya returns in this intimate and expressive poetic narrative Bold Soul-Searching Monologues." Be the first to witness Toya dismantle her trauma and step into her incredible transformation, unleashing her feminine powers and gaining sexual autonomy. Pain, disappointment, rejection, loss, heartbreak, and sadness are emotions we can all relate to. This book is for anyone who feels subjected to their negative emotions. For folks who normalize the emotional pain they feel. For those who have entertained self-doubt and have given low self-esteem authority over their lives, believe this: you are not your past, you are not your history, you are not your trauma, you are not a reflection of other peoples' bad behavior towards you, and you have the power to create the life you deserve. Your past relationships and experiences culminate into a necessary beacon of light, guiding you through future relationships, hardships, and disappointments. You can overcome. This poetic monologue highlights Toya's vulnerability and her ultimate rise to self-love, sexual freedom, and self-pleasure. Be prepared as Toya asserts her bold. Toya expresses her sensuality freely because of her self-discovery. Toya said yes to a better version of herself. The intensity of these poems will take you on a journey from uncomfortable to comfortable.


Bold Soul Searching Monologues

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