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How would you rate your sex life?

Are you faking your orgasms? 

Do you feel disconnected from your partner? 


Tease is an anthology of erotic poems designed to stimulate the mind.  It was written to remind readers that with effective communication, one's sex life is likely to improve. Men and women are wired differently; therefore, thou shalt not only focus on the muscle between her legs. Connect with her mind; it is such a valuable tool.  It is necessary and can help avoid breakups as well as contentions in the home. Don't overthink it; there is so much you can do to spice up your sex life. Talk to your partner and engage in mindful choreographed sex. Recapture that passion and desire. Find a rhythm and dance with each other slow, slow real slow.  Move with the beat of each other, try exciting positions, keep it sexy. Tease is a mix of foreplay, action, climax, and resolution, a pill that will increase the blood flow in your genitals. 

This book is fun and entertaining yet thought-provoking. You will be fascinated by the play with words. The author took it a step further to share postscripts (PS), her afterthoughts her insights.

Tease Hard Copy

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