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Official Review: Bold by Toya J

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Post by klbradley » 09 Nov 2019, 23:14

[Following is an official review of "Bold" by Toya J.] 4 out of 4 starsShare This Review Bold: Her Liberation is a collection of erotic poetry written by Toya Y. Published in August 2019 by Bold Flamingo Publishing, this book of poetry is mystifying and erotic, to say the very least. Along with 70 poems, the book also features beautiful and sensual photographs to match the mood of the current state of mind in the collection. As a woman who goes from sheltering her sexuality to finally being able to successfully embrace it, there is a development from the start to finish. Going by the tone that is set by the series of poems, it's uncomplicated to see what state of mind the author was currently in at the time. The writings change throughout and it's clear to see when she was beginning to accept her feelings and embrace her sexuality without embarrassment or hidden frustration. The beginning section focuses on works of poetry about loneliness and a search for passion, featuring one in particular that stood out to me titled, "Sad Girl". Although this specific poem was not centered around the passionate phrasing like many of the others, the writer's pain from feeling alone was evident. The next section where I began to notice a shift in emotion was when it seemed the author had found someone to help her to create the passion that she had been searching for. The poem that stuck out to me the most in this section was titled, "Breath less," and outlined the climactic expectations she had longed for. As the emotions began to shift again, the tone seemed to switch to a longing for more of a deeper connection than just sexual, which is something that commonly develops. The poem titled, "Nakedness," was very fitting for displaying this emotion, as she was seeking a level of nakedness that cannot be revealed with the removal of clothing. The final noticeable tone change comes with a section where her self recognition comes into play and allows her an opportunity to see that she is responsible for her own happiness. I especially enjoyed the poem titled, "Rebirth," as it was the moment she decided to suffer no longer and walk away stronger than she had been before. Bold: Her Liberation is a series of poems that seems to lead away from the norm when it comes to what has always been socially acceptable. Although the author has taken a huge leap into the unknown by sharing her work, her shared self-confidence is evident and shines brightly in her book. The change in voice and tone is not necessarily broken down into sections, but the author's evident emotions are indications of her transformation from one feeling to another. The synopsis of the book states, "Toya did not sugar-coat her feelings to fit into the invisible box that society created for women," and I can't possibly think of a better way to phrase it. Traditionally, it's not acceptable for women to be so outspoken regarding their sexuality or drive for a passionate and fulfilling connection involving sex. In her feelings of loneliness, Toya has found a way to express herself in a deeper way of communicating the desire she feels, as well as the self-satisfaction it has taken for her to come alive. Although this work is a bit more explicit than what I traditionally would lean towards, I'm so happy to rate Bold: Her Liberation 4 out of 4 stars. Although this poetry collection would likely not be something everyone would be interested in due to the explicit sexual nature, I see this as something that mature readers would certainly benefit from. ****** Bold View: on Bookshelves | on Amazon

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