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Mental Health & Masturbation

May was a symbolic month because it brought awareness to Mental Health and Masturbation. Both are sensitive topics, sometimes associated with shame and stigma. I can attest that the stigma surrounding mental health delayed my need to seek the help and support I desperately needed. According to the World Health Organization, millions of folks must deal with the reality that they suffer from a mental health illness every year.

True story, February 22, 2017, I experienced an unfortunate incident that sent me plunging into depression. I was in denial for an extended period about my mental, emotional and sexual health. I convinced myself that I was perfectly okay, and whatever imbalance I felt would go away eventually.

In July of 2017, I realized I was lying to myself. After confronting my inner demons, I proceeded to have an interesting conversation with God. I was distraught with God because I could not understand why he allowed such an unfortunate situation to happen to me. Talk about a freak accident. If anyone told me prior that I would end up in such a depressive state. I would have laughed in their face. This feeling was natural; I could not ignore it.

I would write, and I kept writing; sometimes, I shredded my thoughts because they were so graphic and shocking to me. All I knew I felt better whenever I released my feelings on the pages of my journals, loose leaves or notes pages on my iPhone. I buried myself, my urges, my fantasies in writing poetry. I did not comprehend the correlation between my pain and my intense need for companionship and intimacy. I had to relieve myself, and Bingo, I discovered masturbation. When I released myself, it improved my mood, and I kept writing.

Writing is my therapy, safe space, and escape whenever God intercepted my plans, and I struggled to maintain my equilibrium. I kept writing. I had no idea that months later that this was the commencement of my Bold Series. By November 2018, I found myself in the Bronx Supreme Court obtaining my business certificate to start my very own publishing company “Bold Flamingo Publishing.”

My first book, “Bold Her Liberation”, was instrumental in helping me with the deep exploration of the intimate self. It helped me to improve my relationship with my body; yes, masturbation freed me. I discovered things about myself sexually that I had no idea dwelled within me. I published my “Journal- 99+ Inspiring Thoughts and Tease” both helped me to process my emotions.

Writing provided much comfort to me at a time when I was most vulnerable. Writing helped me manage the overwhelming feelings that plagued me daily. I took a risk and published my writing. This helped me deal with the overabundance of stress that I felt consistent. It helped me to gain confidence. Having the gumption to publicly share such artistic erotic work was such a defining moment in my life.

Furthermore, masturbation and mental health have a strong correlation. Masturbation is excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. Masturbation is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety.

I will continue to masturbate to test the hypothesis that masturbation helps regulate pain and the inflammation process. Masturbation is safe and normal even better, it helps with my mental health, so why not? I must admit I was under a lot of pressure. It was a long and painful process, but I know I deserve happiness. You deserve it too. Take care of your mental and sexual health. Go ahead give yourself a hand job.

Call the NAMI Helpline 1800-950-6264 Monday through Friday 10 am- 8pm EST of if you are in crisis text NAMI to 741741 for 24/7, confidential, free counseling

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