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The art of seduction is knowing what she wants and slowly teasing her

How would you rate your sex life?

Are you faking your orgasms?

Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

TEASE is an anthology of erotic poems designed to stimulate the mind. It was written to remind readers that with effective communication, one's sex life is likely to improve. Men and women are wired differently; therefore, thou shalt not only focus on the muscle between her legs. Connect with her mind; it is such a valuable tool. It is necessary and can help avoid breakups as well as contentions in the home. Don't overthink it; there is so much you can do to spice up your sex life. Talk to your partner and engage in mindful choreographed sex. Recapture that passion and desire. Find a rhythm and dance with each other slow, slow real slow. Move with the beat of each other, try exciting positions, keep it sexy. TEASE is a mix of foreplay, action, climax, and resolution, a pill that will increase the blood flow in your genitals.

This book is fun and entertaining yet thought-provoking. You will be fascinated by the play with words. The author took it a step further to share postscripts (PS), her afterthoughts her insights.

The Tease

As I provoked my thoughts to create TEASE, I was confident with my approach. I wanted this anthology to flow to its rhythm, given the delicate nature of the work. I was bold, and I took a risk with the structure of this work. Tease is interlaced with recurring themes of Sex, Femininity, and Intimacy. I believe that it is of utmost importance for women to embrace their femininity instead of concealing it. Tapping into our sensitivity, gentleness, expressiveness, warmth, and emotion is necessary and will bring us much fulfillment and enhance our relationships.

The sooner we realize that we have no business taking our clothes off if we are not ready to deal with the consequences of having sex. Sexual illiteracy can create barriers to enjoying Sex; it can also lead to poor decision-making and boredom. I also believe that Sex is an art that will improve with love, patience, active listening, practice, and more practice.

A Man's Perspective

"The art of loving making is just being in her presence and allowing yourself to be present. Sex is more profound when you and your partner can explode at the same time. A woman can teach a man a lot. It is not so much about the pounding, but your words must shiver her mind and stimulate her body."- Ricardo Forest.

Her Perspective

There is a lot more to Sex than getting naked or watching your partner ejaculate prematurely. Sex is euphoric when you have the meeting of the minds. A woman may explode once, but how do you know she does not have more explosions left in her. I guess he can't say because he failed to connect with her mind. It is no secret that men and women are wired differently; this is a plea to the men "It is necessary to connect with her mind, not just her body."

Relationships require reciprocity and understanding. Relationships are like a loaf of bread that must be remade consistently. If you are not invested in your relationship, eventually, it will become dull, feels like a chore, allowing frustration to consume you and your partner. You and your partner should be fulfilled; in the partnership. However, for this to happen, both must be self-aware, deliberate, intentional, and willing to value each other as well as respect each other's differences. Relationships take work; it is not easy; both must provide emotional support for each other. However, if both individuals desire each other, your relationship can be blissfully filled with love, endless lovemaking, laughter, disagreements, make-up Sex, and so on and so on. I hope you get the flow.

In the end, I believe we can have prolonged intimacy and passion with our partner if we improve the way we communicate.

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