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How readers felt after reading "Bold Her Liberation"

This book stimulated me mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is a reminder that the beauty and strength we as individuals obtain within. I was blown away to see poetry presented in such a raw, sassy, yet classy manner. The majority of the pages felt like Toya J was writing about my sexuality! As I turned each age, I familiarized myself with my hidden passion, pain, frustration, and lust. Being able to overcome life's disappointments and transform despair into self-awareness and identify one's sexual and emotional needs is liberating! Bold Her Liberation further empowered, inspired, and encouraged me to own my truth with confidence! A must get for your collection of books -~~Denise~~

A riveting account of Toya's awakening. A brilliant and artistic portrayal of her apostasy from the socially unacceptable and the taboo, connecting with her sexuality, thereby affecting an illumination that is 'BOLD'… Bold Her Liberation is an intellectual collection of art and poetry in sweet concert with illustrations like you've never experienced. ~~Anne~~

Bold Her Liberation is a riveting account of female sexuality. It's about how one person turned pain into passion. The poetry inside this book will take your mind places and will leave you shaking like a tree. This book is for all the women who are open and willing to explore their bodies unapologetically. ~~Chantal~~

Let's say the author held nothing back. The title speaks for itself. Each page talked to my inner desire. This book took me on a roller-coaster of emotions with unbridled fulfillment and craving. It captivated my need for more. Filled me with understanding and knowledge. It was such an exciting read, loved the author’s play with words, very detailed. Read this with your girlfriends, read this alone, or share it with your mother. She may be inspired. ~~Dayshanna ~~

Amazing and educative- ~Lamine~~

This book gave me goosebumps; great book; I hope the whole world reads it ~~ SH ~~

This book was an eye-opener; it allowed me to escape to fantasy land; it was fun and allowed me to realize that my thoughts and feelings are shared by someone else. I was not alone. It allowed me to pull the mask off. I suddenly recognized that I was conditioned to think and feel about sex allowed me to suppress my feelings, but not anymore. I felt empowered. ~~Tracy~~

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