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Transforming my mind, body, and soul one meal at a time

"My goal is to develop a positive relationship with a healthier lifestyle" MD

I got so complacent sitting around on my rear-end, and my circulation came to a halt. As expected, I stopped burning calories because I was not interrupting my sitting as I should. I even found myself experiencing energy drain in the middle of the afternoon. Surprisingly, I've always considered myself to be an athletic person. As a result, I was still conscious about maintaining my weight. Unfortunately, I had an attitude that I could eat whatever I wanted, providing I exercised. I loved to eat boiled dumplings with tin mackerel or fried chicken with rice and peas or other favorite oxtails and rice—the typical Caribbean dishes. Yes, I love food, my kitchen is one of my favorite places in my home, and I know how to "throw down." My culture played such a fundamental role in my food choices. I was programmed into thinking that this was the best way. Let's say I was closed to the idea of exploring healthier food choices.

As I reflect on the beginning of 2021, I was about to hop into the shower, I noticed the mirror image, and I was not pleased. After I got out of the shower, I stood in front of my full-length mirror in my bedroom, and I was disgusted with the "love handles and pouting gut" smiling at me. I refused to smile back at them; however, that was the defining moment for me. I acknowledged that it was time for me to seek the support I needed. This challenge was more significant because I was a sucker for unhealthy eating habits. It is safe to say that food is my "Achilles heel." Food is my comfort, and damn, it pleased me well during COVID.

I hired a Health Coach

I decided to reach out to Health Coach- Jerome Simpson, aka Rome. It was not a difficult decision because I already had a professional relationship with Rome. After all, he provided me with fresh sea moss twice per month. I knew I needed someone that I could relate to. I was thankful that I already had an organic relationship with Rome. I knew I would be in good hands because of his professionalism and demonstrated respect for healthy living. Be patient with me while I share some insights about Rome. He respects time; whenever he delivers my sea moss, he ensures that he tells me the exact time of arrival, and if he is running late for whatever reason, I am getting updates until the moment he tells me he is downstairs. Besides his military mannerisms, he stimulates me with knowledge. Yes, Rome is a talker; I admire this attribute because he is aware that he is a talker. I am like a sponge whenever; he talks because I soak up all the gems he shares.

Furthermore, Rome embodies the aphorism "practice what you preach." Rome takes the holistic approach with his health coaching. He is also a straight talker; he says exactly what he is thinking unapologetically. Rome made it clear that I had to complete five days of liquid diet before he would proceed with me as a client. I respected his honesty, and I also knew that I would be his client because I was so hungry to ditch my unhealthy living. I truly embraced a challenge, and this was a new habit that I was about to adopt. Rome would later find out that my mind was already made up when I reached out to him. I knew there was no turning back. I needed this positive change in my life, and my overall goal is to maintain my overall health. With my many health challenges, I knew that transforming my nutritional intake would help over time.

I must admit that I was a tad bit concerned that this process would become overwhelming for me. I soon came to realize that Rome was the ideal coach. When he sent me his meal instructions and the health and nutritional tips, I knew that he was not the traditional health coach that I often read about in magazines or even those I see at times on social media. Rome even sent me a grocery list as well as suggested supermarkets that offered sales. He was so invested in my success. How could I take this for granted? I had to take full advantage of this process. So, of course, I completed the 5-day liquid fast. Here comes the fun part. My health journey commenced on January 22nd, 2021. I can taste the first plantain porridge that I made; so yummy. I officially began my "Health Coaching Journey" with Rome.

Here is an example text message the coach sends me:


(How to keep sea moss gel fresh for two weeks)

The jar's date is a suggested date of 2 weeks; I recommend using it up within the two weeks to be on the safe side.

Some people use sea moss gel for up to 3 weeks, but I wouldn't recommend that.

Only use a clean, dry spoon to dip into the sea moss jar. Do not cross-contaminate the sea moss by dipping the spoon into anything jar and dipping it back into the jar with the sea moss.

Please do not put the spoon in your mouth, then dip it back into the jar.

Here are some ways to use sea moss gel 🏾

Add sea moss gel to your Tea/ fruit juice/Smoothies/ Shakes/ Ice cream/ Yogurt/ Cereal/ porridge/ soups/ Steamed veggies/ Rice/ etc./It's also great as a thickening agent for gravy, and you won't taste it/ you can also use the gel as a face mask & or hair conditioner..."


Rome gets an ear full regarding my cravings for dumplings, MacDonald's chicken nugget with french fries, ice cream from the Ice Cream Factory in Mount Vernon, in general, my very unhealthy food choices. Rome tells me it's my bad gut bacteria that keeps sending those signals to my brain. Initially, I would go to bed with cravings and wake up with desires. It was so infuriating. Thankfully, my Journal hears all about it as I pen my thoughts and daily feelings. Whenever I am unable to eat, I write. It's Day 32, and my cravings continue to haunt me.

New Habits

Coach ensures that he is stimulating growth factors that build brain cells in my hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for learning memory, programming, and processing. Thanks to the coach, I am now drinking water; I was not too fond of water; I felt like a goat. For years I tried, but I was never successful. I start my day with water therapy; I drink at least 16 to 32 oz of water mixed with sea moss or lemon juice before starting my day. I wait 45 minutes before I have my cup of non-caffeine peppermint tea or a warm beverage of my choice.

Incorporating Sea Moss into the diet was very different. I must admit that a girlfriend of mine encouraged me in the past to include this in my diet, however I was not ready to make that change. Now, I have Sea Moss in everything; sometimes, I eat a spoonful.

I also create daily meal plans that I exchange with my coach at the commencement of my day.

I've changed how I purchase my groceries. This is an expensive transition. However, I am focused on the long-term benefits. This journey is exhilarating; I am filled with such myriad emotions. I have a fantastic coach that is supportive, and he believes in me.

Mental Resilience

On January 31st, 2021, I had every intention to go for a run. Running is therapeutic for me; it allows me to clear my head. I looked at the temperature before hopping out of bed. It was 27 degrees. I quickly dismissed the idea of going for a run.

As I strolled along, listening to my thoughts and the wind was coming into my body. I thought to myself, this was crazy. I had to go to the post office. As a result turning back was not an option, neither was driving to White Plains Rd. I was adamant that I was going to follow through. I got to the post office, and the line was so long. I swallowed my chill pill and blasted the tunes of DVSN, the Canadian R&B Singer. Once I got off the long-winded line, I exited the post office into the frigid weather.

I decided to test my resilience with the unfriendly weather. If anyone knows me, they know I hate the cold weather. I was at 233rd street, and I had an errand to run at 225th Street. Yes, I decided to walk. As the cold air slapped me in my face, I welcomed it. I smiled at myself as I reflected on a conversation I had with Rome. "My physical body feels the cold, but mentally I block it out." I was inspired; I told myself I was no different from Rome, besides the obvious that he is a male. Yeah, I thought about the adage "women and men are wired differently." Haha, that was music to my ears. I kept strolling; I tricked my brain that the cold air suddenly felt like sun penetrating my skin. I took care of business and once done, I realized I was closer to my next location on my schedule. I made the quick decision to continue my walk to 217th.

I kept walking. I realized I was enjoying the intimate moment I was having with the cold weather. I smiled to myself. I got to 217th, picked up my package, and decided that I would call an Uber because my fingertips felt like they were on fire. I quickly calculated the benefits I would derive if I walked home as opposed to taking an Uber. Rome popped up in my head, and I gave myself a pep-talk and started my journey back to 233rd. I sent a signal to my brain that I would walk the hell home, so it better agreed with me. The moral of the story was I had to change my mindset. I hustled in the cold like it was warm weather, and I burnt calories.


- My heartburns have subsided

- Enhanced cooking skills

- I eat frequently with portion control

- My meals are easy to prepare and more nutritious

- There is a boost in my energy level, mood, and sleep

- Balanced emotions and overall lifestyle measures

- I've developed wholesome routines (for, e.g., daily water therapy before breaking my fast)

- Improved bowel movement is pain-free, soft to firm, and I have no strain

- Building my mental strength

- Improved intellectual and cognitive skills

I believe that my openness and willingness to invest in healing my body made a huge difference. I am committed, and I genuinely appreciate this process. Today I am 4 lbs lighter; I feel smarter, rejuvenated.

Rome is the ideal coach; he is an excellent teacher, motivator. Most importantly, he cares.

Ways to contact Rome:

Instagram @mifithealthylife

Mobile: 914-498-5283

"Changing behavior takes commitment and time do not cheat the process"-MD

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